Italy's Top Imports/Exports 

Italy top exports: Engineering products, textiles, clothing, production machinery, motor vehicles, transport equipment, chemicals, food, beverages. These are Italy's top exports, because Italy is a high industrialized country in which manufactured products can be produced.The Italian population has 98.4% of their citizens able to  read and write, with 16 years of schooling for males and 17 years for females. This means there is a highly intelligent work force with knowledge to run manufacturing production. 

Italy top imports: Minerals, nonferrous metals, chemicals, transport equipment, energy products, minerals, nonferrous metals, textiles and clothing, food beverages. Italy imports energy products such as oil due to Italy having very little oil deposits in their country. Italy also does not have many naturally found minerals and metals, so must important many of their those to produce manufactured goods. 

Italy's imports and exports seem to be cohesive with their comparative advantages/disadvantages.The advantages that Italy has are their manufactured goods, since they have such a highly skilled workforce and great amounts of capital. Their disadvantages are in their natural resources for energy and minerals, and therefore Italy imports the majority of these products. 

Italy's Economic Sanctions


In 2008 the United Nations put sanctions on Iran due to its nuclear power program. The UN is worried Iran will use the nuclear power technology for weapons and enrichment of uranium, rather than for nuclear power. Italy is part of the UN, and therefore is held to the same standards as the UN. 

Italy's Exchange Rate 

The current exchange rate is 1 euro = 1.3322 US Dollars. The Euro is .3322 cents higher than the US Dollar. The Euro is currently a stronger currency than that dollar due to the countries that use its economic situations.