Italy's Unemployment Rate 

Italy                                                 VS.

8.3 % is Italy's current unemployment rate


7.6 % is Canada current unemployment rate 

Italy's unemployment rate is fairly  compared to that of other industrialized nations. When it comes to unemployment rate,  Unemployment is a regional issue in Italy--low in the north, high in the south. The overall national rate is at its lowest level since 1992. Chronic problems of inadequate infrastructure, corruption, and organized crime act as disincentives to investment and job creation in the south. A significant underground economy absorbs substantial numbers of people, but they work for low wages and without standard social benefits and protections. Women and youth have significantly higher rates of unemployment than do men. The employment rate is under ten percent which is close to ideal. This is the area of their economy that needs to be strengthened the most due to the huge gap between the north and south economies. Italy would increase their GDP is they were able to create a industrialized north and south that were cohesive with each other.